Automated Control Panel

Used in conjunction with the HM-2450A.3F Pressure Controller, Humboldt Automated Control Panels provide an accurate and easy-to-operate solution for providing the controls necessary for distributing compressed air, water, deaired water and vacuum within an air/water bladder-type triaxial testing system.


The use of these Control Panels and the HM-2450A.3F Pressure Controller allows changes in cell and back pressures required for sample saturation to be done automatically without the need for an operator. This feature reduces the need for continual monitoring of the sample saturation process during a triaxial test.

Humboldt Auto Control Panels feature an analog input pressure gauge and controller, an air/water filter for the input pressure and de-aired water tank input, as well as quick-disconnects for quickly connecting bladders, the pressure controller and triaxial cells. The HM-4154 provides connections for one triaxial cell, while the HM-4155 provides connections for up to three triaxial cells. For each triaxial cell, one bladder is required for generating the cell pressure and a second bladder is required for back pressure.


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