Reinforcement Mapping

Reinforcement Location by Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR)

Ultra high frequency radars are an ideal system for locating and inspecting the reinforcement without damaging the existing structure. The system is a quick test method to examine the spacing, initiation of spalling and cover for the desired structural member. The test is the best solution to gather information for the multi-layer reinforcements


Cover Assessment

Concrete cover provides the protection to the Reinforcement bars against corrosion. It thus becomes essential that there should always be a cover of suitable depth existing between the surface and first layer of reinforcement. Cover meter detects the cover depth using the pulse induction technique.

Cover meter can also be used to estimate the depth, size and spacing between the reinforcement bars.

Avantech Engineering Consortium has carried out tests to estimate the cover depth for various RCC structures as a part of health assessment for power and infrastructure projects.


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