Impact Echo testing services

Tests to Assess Integrity of RCC Structures

Integrity Assessment of RCC structures refers to the homogeneity of the structure and to examine the structure for any internal defects.

Ultrasonic Pulse Velocity Test (UPV)

Ultrasonic Pulse Velocity (UPV) Test involves the transmission of ultrasonic pulses through the structural member and computing the wave velocity in it. Thus computed velocity is an indicative of the quality of concrete and if the member is suffering from any structural flaw like honey-combing, voids etc.

UPV tests are conducted according to IS: 13311- Part 1.

We have a wealth of experience of conducting the UPV test as a part of health assessment projects for power plants, fertilizer complexes and infrastructure projects to meet the project requirements.

Impulse Response Test

Impulse Response Test uses a low-strain impact to cause the structural member to vibrate in a bending mode and compute the amplitude of the response through the probe placed on the surface.

The test system allows quick screening of structure for flaws like honeycombing, delaminations, voids etc. and identifies suspect areas for subsequent detailed assessment.

The Impulse Response Test conforms to ASTM C1740-10 standard. Avantech Engineering Consortium has carried out Impulse Response Test for screening of structural flaws in slabs in ware houses, deck slabs in buildings and bridges, airport aprons etc.


Impact Echo

Impulse Echo tests involve introduction of a stress pulse by a mechanical impact and studying the frequency response of the reflected waves. The dominant frequency in the frequency response is used to compute either the depth of the member or the possible depth of the flaw.

Measurement of Thickness of Concrete Members is governed by ASTM C1393- 98a standard.

Avantech Engineering Consortium has carried out Impact Echo tests to assess thickness of tunnel walls, crack depths and voids in tendons ducts in bridge girders.



Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR)

Ultra-high Frequency Ground Penetrating Radars (GPRs) have the ability to penetrate the RCC and provide the user with critical information on the condition and thickness of the structure. GPR allows the user to detect the structure for flaws like delaminations, voids, deterioration in the structure etc.

Avantech Engineering offers world class GPR services for a wide range of applications with state of the art equipment and professionally trained engineers. We have completed several projects in India involving the use of GPR for assessment of RCC structures for their integrity.



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