Pavement Testing

Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR)

Ultra-high Frequency Ground Penetrating Radars (GPRs) have the ability to penetrate the RCC/Asphalt Pavements and provide the user with critical information on the condition and thickness of the structure. GPR allows the user to detect the structure.

Avantech offers world class GPR services for a wide range of applications with state-of-the-art equipment and professionally trained engineers. We have completed several projects in India involving the use of GPR for pavement testing.




Retro -Reflectivity Testing of Road Signages

Retro -Reflectivity Testing of Road Marking Paint.

In-Situ Tests for Soil and Asphalt Pavement Materials 

Compaction Control Using Nuclear Density Gauge (NDG)

Compaction of pavements layer is one of the most critical parameters monitored in the Highway Projects. Nuclear Density Gauge (NDG) is a safe, quick and reliable alternative method to measure the in-situ density and percentage moisture for soil and bituminous materials. NDG gives the direct display for the wet density, dry density, moisture percentage and compaction percentage, providing all the key data required vy the QA/QC personnel at the site.

We have over ten years experience of using the NDG for compaction control of various materials. The test system conforms to the guidelines as laid in the ASTM D6938-10 standard.

Gain of Strength In Stabilized Soils

There has been a growing emphasis on the use of chemical stabilizers to improve the properties of the soil to achieve the required strength. A significant change in the strength of soil may or may not be related to an appreciable change in density of the material but is reflected by a significant change in the Stiffness of the structure.

Humboldt makes GeoGauge is an advanced test method to quickly estimate the stiffness and young’s modulus of the soil bed. Stiffness measures the property of the bed to resist the deflection of the structure because of traffic loads. The Stiffness and Modulus of the soil bed can also be used to determine the in-situ VBR of the soil bed.


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