Early Age Strength

Early Age Strength Estimation

A reliable knowledge of Early Age Strength Development in Concrete can help in reducing the project duration, and the project cost by early and more efficient mobilization of construction resources like shuttering etc.

LOK Test

LOK test is a variant of a Pull Out tests to determine the early age strength gain in RCC structures. Specially designed metal inserts are attached to the shuttering/ structure and pulled out at a desired time to determine the current strength gain.

LOK test is carried out in accordance with the guidelines laid out in ASTM C900, BS-1881: Part 207 and EN-12504-3.

Maturity Method

Maturity Methods are based on the principal that the rate of hydration of cement is indicative of the early age strength development in concrete. Actual temperature history of the concrete is recorded by embedded probes, which is converted to estimate the current in-situ strength using the well established Maturity Functions.

The maturity method is governed by ASTM C1074.



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