RCT-2000 Rock Creep Testing System

  • Up to 4,500 kN (1,000 kip) axial load capacity
  • Uninterrupted, long-term testing by the use of compressed air-over-oil pressure system
  • Data acquisition powered by UPS battery to handle power outages
  • Optional on-specimen axial and radial strain measurement system
  • Optional pressure vessel for high-pressure testing
  • Optional ultrasonic velocity measurement system
  • Optional high-temperature control system


Rock Creep Test: Unraveling the Secrets of Rock Deformation with Avantech

Welcome to the forefront of geotechnical engineering with Avantech’s cutting-edge Rock Creep Testing Systems (RCT Series). If you’re in pursuit of comprehensive, reliable, and innovative solutions for rock deformation studies, you’re in the right place. Our state-of-the-art RCT-2000 Rock Creep Testing System is designed to redefine the way you conduct long-term tests, offering unmatched precision and durability. Explore the world of rock mechanics like never before, powered by Avantech’s pioneering technology.

Understanding Rock Creep Test

Rock Creep Test: A Gateway to Rock Mechanics

In the realm of geotechnical engineering, understanding the long-term deformation behavior of rocks is paramount. Rock creep tests are indispensable tools in this pursuit, enabling researchers and engineers to delve deep into the intricate processes of rock deformation. At Avantech, we recognize the significance of these tests in various applications, ranging from civil engineering projects to geological studies.

Avantech’s RCT Series: Redefining Excellence

Innovative Design, Unparalleled Performance

Avantech’s RCT Series stands at the pinnacle of rock creep testing technology. Our systems are ingeniously engineered to conduct long-term tests without continuous power input, setting new industry standards. With the integration of a compressor boasting a large tank and a data acquisition unit powered by a robust UPS battery, our RCT systems can operate seamlessly for extended periods, making them ideal for in-depth, uninterrupted studies.

Key Features of Avantech’s RCT Series

  1. Efficient Power Management: Avantech’s RCT systems require only 800 kPa (100 psi) air pressure with a minimum flow to power the axial actuator, ensuring efficient energy utilization.
  2. User-Friendly Interface: Equipped with load and deformation digital indicators and an analog gauge, our RCT systems offer user-friendly interfaces, allowing effortless reading of applied loads and deformations.
  3. Advanced Software: Avantech’s RCT Series comes bundled with advanced software and USB-based data acquisition systems. This integration simplifies data gathering and recording, facilitating seamless interaction with your laptop or computer.
  4. Expandable Functionality: Our RCT systems can be upgraded with a triaxial cell to simulate high-pressure environments. Additionally, they can incorporate a high-temperature control system, ensuring adaptability to diverse research requirements.
  5. Precision Strain Measurements: Avantech’s RCT Series offers on-specimen axial and circumferential strain measurement devices, providing precise and accurate data for comprehensive analysis.

Why Choose Avantech’s RCT Series?

Empowering Your Research and Ensuring Your Success

Avantech’s commitment to innovation and excellence shines through in every aspect of our RCT Series. When you choose Avantech, you invest in:

  1. Reliability: Avantech’s RCT systems are built to last, offering unmatched durability and reliability, ensuring accurate and consistent results throughout your research endeavors.
  2. Precision: Our systems are engineered with precision in mind, allowing researchers to obtain intricate data with confidence and accuracy.
  3. Versatility: With the ability to simulate high-pressure environments and control temperature, our RCT Series caters to a wide array of research needs, empowering researchers in diverse fields.
  4. Support: Avantech’s dedicated support team is always at your service, providing assistance and guidance to ensure your research progresses seamlessly.


Embark on a transformative journey in geotechnical engineering with Avantech’s RCT Series. Our rock creep testing systems are more than instruments; they are gateways to understanding the complexities of rock deformation. With Avantech by your side, unravel the secrets of rock mechanics with confidence and precision. Choose Avantech, where innovation meets reliability, and empower your research endeavors.


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