RCT-2000 Rock Creep Testing System

  • Up to 4,500 kN (1,000 kip) axial load capacity
  • Uninterrupted, long-term testing by the use of compressed air-over-oil pressure system
  • Data acquisition powered by UPS battery to handle power outages
  • Optional on-specimen axial and radial strain measurement system
  • Optional pressure vessel for high-pressure testing
  • Optional ultrasonic velocity measurement system
  • Optional high-temperature control system


The GCTS Rock Creep Testing Systems (RCT Series) are engineered to perform long term tests without the need for a continuous power input. These systems are capable of operating without power for several days by using a compressor with a large tank and a data acquisition powered with a UPS battery. This system only requires 800 kPa (100 psi) air pressure with minimum flow to power the axial actuator. The RCT systems include load and deformation digital indicators and an analog gauge which allows the user to easily read the applied load. Advanced software and USB based data acquisition systems are also included in order to simplify the gathering and recording of data and easily interface with the user’s laptop/computer. The RCT systems are therefore ideal systems for long-term testing and simple data gathering.

The RCT Series can also be upgraded with a triaxial cell to simulate high-pressure environments, a high-temperature control system, and on-specimen axial and circumferential strain measurement devices.


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