RSG-500 Specimen Grinder

  • Single-pass grinder with full specimen coverage to make core loading faces parallel and flat according to ASTM and ISRM specifications
  • Precision-machined turn table for fast and easy specimen rotation (no disassembly required)
  • 152 mm (6”) diamond grinding cup-wheel
  • 2.0 HP (1.67 HP at 50 Hz) electric motor
  • Adjustable grinding wheel speed from 350 to 3,500 RPM
  • Includes holding jig for specimens from 25 mm to 100 mm in diameter
  • Automatic cross traverse travel
  • Programable, automatic longitudinal traverse feed
  • Vortex tube air cooling to prevent specimen overheating
  • Dust collection system with HEPA filter


The GCTS RSG-500 Automatic Specimen Grinder provides the final step to preparing test specimens with parallel and flat ends according to ASTM and ISRM specifications. The grinder performs at the highest level of reliability with very little operator intervention. This limits the amount of time needed to train the operator, and with its automated design, the RSG-500 has a very low life cycle cost as compared to other commercially available grinders.

The grinder is driven by a heavy-duty 2.0 HP electric motor for durability and comes with a 152 mm (6”) diamond cup wheel. It includes automatic travel to move the specimen across the grinding wheel and a programable, automatic feed to move the specimen closer to the wheel. The grinding wheel speed is also adjustable at rates from 350 to 3,500 RPM. The RSG-500 also includes a precise turntable that rotates exactly 180 degrees, ensuring the ends of the specimens are ground flat and parallel.

Holding fixtures for specimens with diameters from 25 mm (1”) to 100 mm (4”) are included with the grinder. Optional fixtures for holding and grinding multiple specimens at once are available


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