RTR Series Rock Triaxial Testing Systems

  • Box load frame with a stiffness of 1.75 MN/mm, 5 MN/mm, or 10 MN/mm
  • Closed-loop servo control of the axial load actuator with load capacities from 1,000 kN (225 kip) to 4,500 kN (1,010 kip)
  • Integrated triaxial cell with pressure capacity of 70, 140, or 210 MPa
  • Triaxial cell is disassembled, assembled, and locked for testing with a single button, significantly decreasing the time required for
    specimen preparation
  • Systems available for specimens with a diameter of up to 65 mm or up to 100 mm
  • On-specimen instrumentation for axial and radial strain measurements are included
  • Numerous feed-through lines for measurement devices and sensors inside the cell
  • Systems include confining pressure and pore pressure control panels
  • High and low temperature testing upgrades available
  • Advanced software to automatically perform full triaxial tests
  • Systems can be upgraded with various accessories to perform a wide variety of tests, including:
    • Indirect Tension
    • Ultrasonic Velocity
    • Rock Fracture Toughness
    • True Triaxial
    • Acoustic Emissions
    • Differential Strain Analysis
    • Direct Shear
    • Hydraulic Fracturing
    • Electrical Resistivity
    • Direct Tension
    • Permeability


GCTS Triaxial Testing Systems were designed to quickly and easily perform triaxial tests on rock specimens. These systems can be configured with a wide range of load capacities, pressure capacities, temperature ratings, specimen sizes and frame stiffnesses to provide a unique system for each customer. Each system is equipped with our state-of-the-art servo-controller and software to automatically perform a complete triaxial test from start to finish, including multi-stage procedures.

The RTR Series of systems feature a box load frame with an integrated cell lift and locking mechanism. A single button raises and lowers the cell and locks it in place – no bolts are needed! This drastically reduces the preparation time between tests, easily doubling the number of tests that can be performed in a single day compared to standard testing systems. Each system can be upgraded to perform a variety of tests in addition to standard triaxial testing, including indirect tension, pulse-decay permeability, and even direct shear!

GCTS also offers the RTX Series of systems, which include a four-column load frame and stand-alone triaxial cell in addition to our servo-controller and automatic testing software.


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