Avantech Engineering Consortium Pvt. Ltd.

Avantech Engineering Consortium is a prominent manufacturer, supplier, solution vendor, and exporter of Asphalt Testing lab equipment, tools & machines, and civil engineering laboratory equipment and accessories.

We supply the Bitumen Asphalt testing Lab equipment to several departments such as testing laboratories, engineering universities, etc. We manufacture the best quality Asphalt testing Lab tools & machines which meet up international standards.

As the leading Asphalt Lab equipment supplier in India, we take pride in offering a custom solution to every single customer. Truth to be told, we render individual needs by providing quality Bitumen Asphalt testing Lab equipment that is reliable, accurate, and user friendly. With several years of virtuous experience in designing and developing frontline bitumen asphalt testing equipment, we now stand at the summit of the industry.

Avantech Engineering Consortium is here to offer the primary products for testing the quality and other elements of asphalt and bitumen. Apart from that, we also specialize in manufacturing the finest instruments of high elegance.

We manufacture and develop bitumen asphalt testing lab equipment with functions of desirability. This is done to avail the engineers to create full-scale analyses of the samples. Also, the engineers can make informed decisions while speculating the quality, texture, workability, and consistency of the base product for various applications in industry and infrastructure.

Avantech Engineering Consortium takes pride to be the leading bitumen asphalt testing lab equipment, supplier. We have a broad range of instruments to meet the exquisite demands of specialists in different niches. Our wide range of testing equipment includes Ring & Ball Apparatus, Standard Penetrometer, Asphalt Content Tester, Digital Penetrometer, Say Bolt Viscometer, Standard Tar Viscometer, etc.

At Avantech Engineering Consortium our Bitumen and Asphalt Testing Equipment is known for delivering amazing functionality. Accuracy and reliability make the equipment recommendable. We are committed to leading the surety and confidence as the leading Asphalt Lab equipment supplier in India.

We’ll be a one-stop solution for all requirements of Asphalt testing Lab tools & machines. Equipped with a relevant production unit, a team of qualified professionals integrating the latest technology, we guarantee to produce superior quality bitumen testing equipment.

With customers spread across the globe, Avantech Engineering Consortium is regarded as the premier supplier of reliable, high quality, and competitively priced products. Why go anywhere else when we manufacture & export high-quality bitumen testing equipment around the world at very competitive prices!