CAPO Test services

In-Situ CAPO Test services (design strength, and existing structures)


Cut And Pull Out Test (CAPO Test)

Cut and Pull Out (CAPO) is a reliable test method to determine the in-situ CAPO Test services of RCC structures. The CAPO test results are found to be within 8% of the results obtained from conventional methods.

CAPO test is carried out in accordance with the guidelines laid out in ASTM C900, BS-1881: Part 207 and EN-12504-3.

Avantech Engineering has considerable experience of conducting the CAPO tests on various infrastructure projects for health monitoring of bridges, buildings etc. to estimate the in-situ strength of concrete.


Rebound Hammer Test

Rebound Hammer test measures the surface hardness of concrete with approximate correlations to estimate the CAPO Test services of the structure. Although the intrinsic limitations of the test may result in large variations in the estimated strength, ease of conducting the test and low initial cost has made the test quite popular.

Rebound Hammer tests are conducted in accordance with IS: 13311 Part II standard.

Avantech Engineering Consortium has been undertaking health monitoring projects for power plants, real-estate developers, construction agencies etc. and carrying out Rebound Hammer Tests as per the project requirements.

Core Tests

Core tests involve taking the actual core samples from the structure using the diamond core cutting bits and subjecting the cores to compressive loading in the Compression Testing Machines, followed by the visual inspection.

Core tests are conducted in conformance with the guidelines laid out in IS: 456.

Avantech Engineering has been undertaking testing of cores as a part of health assessment of existing buildings.


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