Avantech Engineering Consortium Pvt. Ltd.

Automatic Direct Shear Testing Tools & Equipment

It is possible to automatically execute the consolidation and shearing stages of a conventional direct and residual shear test with the Avantech Engineering Consortium automatic direct shear machines.


Computer-controlled equipment applies loads on soil samples in vertical and horizontal directions using micro-stepper motors. A 32-phase consolidation procedure may be performed automatically by the system.

Depending on the rate of deformation or rate of horizontal force change, horizontal shearing may be used. It can also be administered in force stages over a given period.

When a test is in process, the system may show the current status and show the progress visually in real-time. The technology enables the operator to make changes to the test procedure and circumstances at any time.


The automatic direct shear test is made easier with the Autoshear. A very precise stepper motor with a high-precision load transfer mechanism is built into it.

Users may start, stop, pause, and perform transducer calibration using the big 6″ touch screen color display. They can also pick the data-recording mode, examine readings, and see diagrams while the test runs (load cell and two displacement transducers).


The horizontal force is transmitted axially through a shear box, shaft, and load cell with a serial connection. The “swan neck” basic design, which is commonly used, has measurement problems that this design overcomes.


Carrying the shear box was made possible by using a very durable techno-polymeric material impervious to corrosion, wear, and tear, and the chemicals often found in soil samples.


It’s also lightweight and simple to clean, thanks to the polymeric material.


A loading yoke and a weights holding arm provide a vertical force directly on the specimen, amplifying the applied value by a factor of 10.


The weight and sheer box assembly and the load cell and displacement transducers must be ordered separately.


In addition to the load ring and dial gauge, manual recording may be accomplished with the help of other components.




The following items make up a standard full configuration:


  • Box shears with auto shear technology (see accessories and related products)
  • An accelerometer with a vertical displacement transducer (see accessories and related products)
  • A horizontal displacement transducer is a transducer that measures horizontal displacement (see accessories and related products)
  • Activate the cell’s functions (see accessories and related products)
  • Weights and Measures is a slang term for weights and measures (see accessories and related products

A template for the processing of information (see accessories)