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Automatic Triaxial Testing System & Tools

The Automatic triaxial testing machine is a load frame-based triaxial testing system. The system is configured by choosing from a range of load frames, triaxial cells, pressure controllers, and software.

The system can be configured as a multi-station commercial testing apparatus right through to high load rock testing at the research level. Automatic triaxial testing tools may integrate portions of the system with existing equipment, including those from other manufacturers if an existing system needs updating.

Key features

Benefits to the user

It may customize each system to meet the individual needs of the client and their budget:

When designing their perfect TAS set-up, the customer may pick the load frame, pressure controllers, triaxial cell, or simply elements to integrate into existing equipment to fit their budget and requirements.

Automated software control (also known as automated software control):

Besides controlling the cell and back pressure, the program also manages all data collection and handles all data gathering. Automatic control enables tests to run in a continuous loop, increasing the overall throughput of the testing process.

A wide range of load cell designs are available:

Allows the user to conduct tests on soils with varying stiffnesses and match the load transducers to the appropriate soils, resulting in higher accuracy of findings.

It is normal practice to use submersible load cells:

The friction between the seals does not affect the load values.

Standard configurations (ELTAS, STDTAS, ADVTAS, HPTAS) are available:

GDS provides a variety of standard GDSTAS setups to assist users in determining the most appropriate setup. The configurations are dependent on the pressure at which the systems will operate.

Compatible with the goods of other manufacturers:

Existing components may be used in conjunction with GDS equipment to construct a system, hence reducing the need for new capital equipment purchases.

Pre-sale: Prompt response, polite and professional answer by email, Skype, Wechat, Whatsapp, and other communication channels.

In-sale features include on-time delivery, real-time updates on the manufacturing process, a pre-transportation notification, real-time images of the cargo, and a record of the package photos.

The automatic triaxial testing system cost is Rs x/unit. Avantech Engineering Consortium offers Triaxial Test System at the lowest price of Rs x/unit. After-sale services include a 12-month guarantee on all sold cargoes from the time they are delivered to the customer’s location, as well as free replacement components throughout the warranty term.