Avantech Engineering Consortium Pvt. Ltd.

Concrete NDT Equipment By Avantech Engineering

Avantech Engineering offers the most stretched out scope of concrete NDT services which are basically needed to really take a look at actual boundaries of cement for pressure strength, homogeneity, erosion, opposition among different boundaries.

Avantech Engineering is India’s driving provider of cement non damaging testing hardware used for deciding quality and trustworthiness of substantial designs.

Application where concrete NDT gear's ought to be used are:

  • Quality control of pre-projected units or development
  • Eliminating instability about the agreeableness of the material provided inferable from obvious resistance with determination
  • Affirming or invalidating uncertainty concerning the workmanship associated with grouping, blending, putting, compacting or restoring of cement
  • Area and assurance of the degree of breaks, voids, honeycombing and comparable deformities inside a substantial construction
  • Compressive strength of cement
  • Deciding the position, amount or state of support
  • Substantial Pull off and bond testing

Our Concrete NDT Equipment are presented in the accompanying classifications:

Rebar Detector – R630A Rebar Scanner, R660 superior rebar locator, MT6 Rebar Detector, Proceq Profoscope, Proceq Profometer 600, Profometer 630 and Profometer 650 to distinguish area of rebar in concrete, measure rebar cover, rebar width and with 2D and 3D imaging alternatives with critical ability at an efficient cost.

Substantial Cover Meter – MC8022 NDT instruments give rebar area, rebar estimating and cover estimation and ideal for on location utilization.

Ultrasonic Pulse Velocity Tester – All-in-One Kit Contact 2, All-in-One Kit Contact 3, Proceq Pundit Lab+, Proceq PL200, PL 250, Pundit Live cluster star concrete NDT hardware are superior, chip based UPV gadgets that actions speed, travel time and different boundaries for assessing consistency, holes, breaks, delimitation and disintegration for deciding nature of concrete and other workmanship materials. Better quality Proceq PL250 and PL250 and PL live additionally offer ultrasonic tomography for leading B Scan and C Scan of substantial alert to imaging of internal parts of cement for deciding area of voids and so forth.

Advanced Concrete Test Hammer – We offer a wide scope of substantial test hammers for estimating compressive strength of cement including Mechanical substantial test hammer, Proceq Silver Schmidt PC/ST, Schmidt Hammer, Proceq Original Schmidt Live. Substantial test hammers are utilized for relative testing, referred to against a substantial with known strength or against a substantial confirmed as adjusting to a strength class.

Substantial Moisture Meter – V1D1 Moisture meter, Proceq Hygropin gives ideal answer for recognizing and screen dampness in concrete.

Substantial Wall Scanner – i520 PVC pipe, steel and metal scanner for finding conductors behind dividers, floors, and roofs. It finds metal just as live AC electrical wiring.

Heap Testing Equipment: We offer wide scope of heap honesty analyzers P8000, P8100 perform low strain trustworthiness testing otherwise called sonic reverberation or heartbeat reverberation testing for evaluating the state of heaps

Cross Hole Analyzer: We offer substantial testing gear to used for identifying the appearance of the seismic wave train in offset borings