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Cyclic Simple Shear Testing Tools & Equipment

Because it can simulate a broad range of field loading conditions, the cyclic simple shear apparatus is often used in soil dynamics research.

A simple cyclic shear has a planar strain. A shear strain occurs when the bottom of the sample travels horizontally. Because the sample’s diameter remains constant, any volume variation is explained by vertical platen movement. The system consolidates and then shears a sample under continuous volume.

The system’s main parts are as follows:


  • Mainframe: Simultaneous vertical and horizontal load/displacement using an air receiver and servo valves A control system and two 5 kN actuators are included in a cabinet. The frame responds to the horizontal and vertical actuators’ forces. This transducer provides the computer with the piston position. This allows you to plan for appropriate travel time. It has a fixed top and a moveable bottom. It features a 50mm vertical ram. A linear bearing prevents horizontal movement. The bottom section contains shear box roller bearings.
  • Multi-Axis Control System.: The IMACS regulates, timers, and gathers tests and transducers. It connects through USB to a PC. The module has 13 transducer input channels (10 V range). These channels are digitalized using A/D converters with 20-bit precision. It has two feedback channels. This one is for the horizontal actuator. It features a 10 Mbit/s USB or RS232 interface. This allows for better cooperation and flexibility. The IMACS, controlled by the PC, automatically loads for certain test kinds. If desired, IMACS directly contains the servo-valve. While the specimen is being loaded, the IMACS takes data from the transducers and sends it to the PC for processing, display, and storage.
  • Reload: Five kN load cells are mounted on the horizontal and vertical actuators. Calibration modules on the load cells enable transducers to be replaced or relocated without recalibration inside the data collecting system. 1 N precision.
  • Transducer Transfer.: The actuator has a 15 mm displacement transducer. It may also be utilized as a control transducer for the cyclic strain test.
  • Transducer Vertical.: This transducer is calibrated to 2.5 mm for sample height control. Precision 1 m.

  • Signal Conditioning Inline.: This normalizes all transducer outputs, enabling them to be switched across channels without recalibration.

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