Avantech Engineering Consortium Pvt. Ltd.

GPR survey equipment is helpful in diagnosing metal contaminants mixed accidentally with the products during its production. These contaminants can retard the quality and standard of those products. Ground-penetrating radar equipment finds its usefulness in detecting metal objects underground.

GPR survey in India is useful in defense and military departments and so the demand for GPR survey equipment is extensively rising. Today, ground-penetrating radar tools are used in almost all major industries due to their innumerable benefits.

Avantech Engineering Consortium is the preferred & licensed supplier of ground-penetrating radar equipment. We are a growing company with customers all over the world We take pride to be recognized as the world’s leading manufacturer of GPR ground-penetrating radar. Our company is up to providing you with cutting-edge geophysical investigation instrumentation.

Our GPR survey equipment is ideal to carry out a wide range of applications. Some of the applications include utility detection, utility mapping, concrete inspection, structure examination, etc.

Avantech Engineering Consortium offers the following Ground Penetrating Radar Survey Services:

  • Utility Detection GPR: We have a broad range of GPR survey equipment ideal enough to detect metallic and non-metallic utilities before an excavation
  • Pavement Engineering : We supply affordable Ground Penetrating Radar Equipment that can easily detect pavement layers information for qualitative analysis. You can be guaranteed of generating accurate deflection data of pavement sections on behalf of our GPR survey tools.
  • Bridge Inspection : Ground Penetrating Radar survey tools & machines designed by Avantech Engineering Consortium are specifically for bridge inspection. These tools can easily locate rebar, detect areas affected by corrosion & delamination.

The vision at Avantech Engineering Consortium is to bring immediate GPR technology to those who require it experimentally. We are troubleshooters and strive to understand the issues that face our clients on a day-to-day basis so we can provide effective targeted solutions.

Owing to our individualized technologies, scientific expertise, practical skill, and passion, we provide advancement of GPR equipment & tools. Truth be told, all our GPR systems are easy-to-use with robust & weatherproof convocation. We manufacture GPR survey equipment that is built on low-power & compact electronics.

Give us a call today, and discuss your GPR Ground Penetrating Radar Equipment requirements with our professional team. Come and explore the varied ambit of products available at Avantech Engineering Consortium for distinct ground-penetrating radar equipment. When modernization like us is available to repose your efforts, why delay in making the move!