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The density of asphalt specimens is determined using non-nuclear methods with the help of a Non-Nuclear Density Gauge for Asphalt. The HS-5001EZ comes with a large screen and user-friendly graphical menu interface, which runs Microsoft Windows wordlessly in the background for flawless operation, easy package upgrades, and enhanced user assistance.

The Humboldt HS-5001EZ non-nuclear density gauge is –

  • Lightweight
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Easy to use

It measures asphalt density quickly and accurately. Unlike nuclear gauges, the HS-5001EZ takes accurate readings in around 3 seconds, giving the examiner plenty of time to complete a series of tests. Its magnetic force field is far safer than those used by nuclear power plants, and it is less expensive to own and run.

Offers given by Humboldt on non-nuclear density gauge

  • High-quality gauges that have been built to deal with tough tasks.
  • Truly field serviceable, with parts readily available.
  • Standardization by the third party with no extra costs.
  • Excellent standardization, leak inspection, and repair services.
  • The SD and EZ Gauges are two different kinds of Humboldt nuclear gauges.

Benefits of Humboldt HS-5001EZ Non-Nuclear Density Gauge

  1. Easy to Use

The HS-5001EZ Density Gauge from Humboldt is simple to operate. The EZ gauge features a menu-driven panel with simple, built-in check routines and automobile vehicle options, making testing a quick and accurate process.

  1. Self-Repair

The EZ gauge also employs a standard design that allows it to be serviced even in the field if required. You won’t have to ship this gauge back to the factory for repairs because we’ll send you the necessary parts and walk you through numerous repair methods.

  1. Power Supply

The EZ is powered by six standard AAA batteries that can last up to 1400 hours. There are no chargers necessary, and batteries can be found almost anywhere.

The gauge has advanced microprocessor-based technology to produce highly accurate density and moisture measurements that automatically calculates the measurements of wet density, dry density, wet content, wet and compaction percentage, void ratio, and air voids.


The non-nuclear soil density gauge price is approx. Rs. 8, 00,000 per unit. But, at Avantech you can rest assured that the product will be at an affordable range. Above all, all products are manufactured with 100% authentic Humboldt new parts. 

Avantech Engineering Consortium Pvt. Ltd is the Nuclear Density Gauge supplier in India. They promote and sell top-quality innovative technologies to the Construction and Civil Engineering Industries in India. Avantech provides Nuclear Density Gauge manufacture in India.