EILTE SERIES Automated, 3-Channel Pressure / Volume Controllers with Load Frame

The HM-5820 is an automated Pressure / Volume Controllers designed to handle saturation, consolidation and permeation of a triaxial test sample, as well as perform a shear function with the use of its integral HM-5020 Load Frame. This allows the technician to also perform triaxial shear tests without having to purchase separate load frame.


Cell, head and tail pressure can be set in increments of 0.1 PSI while volume change is measured to 0.0001cc. The flow rate for permeation can be set from 1 cc/sec (60 cc/min) down to less than 0.000002 cc/sec (0.00012 cc/min). There are three data input channels – one for each pressure transducer, or if you are only doing permeability, you will only need one of the channels/pressure transducers.

The HM-5820 provides an accurate and compact configuration for performing triaxial tests without the need for separate distribution panels, and simplifying tubing and control cable setup. By using the integral load frame, the HM-5820 provides an extremely compact and organized setup.

The HM-5820 is built around Humboldt‘s integral, data logger with touch-screen control, which allows the HM-5820 to be used as a standalone device capable of full test control and data logging. It can also be controlled by a networked computer at any location with access to the network.


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