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Rock Direct Shear Equipment & Tools

Rock Mechanics is a geotechnical engineering subfield that studies the mechanical behavior of rocks and rock masses from both a theoretical and practical standpoint.

When it comes to rock testing, you can use both the laboratory and the outdoors. You may also observe structural behavior in real-time and make calculations on the fly.

  • It is necessary to characterize and analyze the response of the rocks involved in slopes, tunnels, dam foundations, and surface projects.
  • To determine stress-stran correlations, rock samples are often exposed to prescribed stress conditions.
  • Each of these occurrences has a mathematical description that it may include in simulations used in mechanical design.

To thoroughly examine the characteristics of rock samples, meticulous sample preparation from cores is required.

Examples of sample machinery are rock specimen grinding machines, coring machines, general masonry saws, core trimmers, and rock sample verification equipment systems.

Using our wide array of Rock Direct Shear equipment systems, you may dig further into properties like roughness, tensile strength, and porosity to learn more.

Uniaxial and triaxial testing devices and Rock Direct Shear testing tools are used to determine the rock splitting and crushing capabilities after careful sample preparation.

Rock samples may be subjected to further testing, allowing the Rock shear machines to analyze them in more depth. Contact a representative today to learn more about how Avantech Engineering Consortium can be your Quality Control solution.

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