Avantech Engineering Consortium Pvt. Ltd.

Avantech provides premium quality Plate load tester for static & EV2 Testing. These are mainly used in construction industries and earthworks. The main usage of this tester is to evaluate the deformities of the ground and to identify the load capacity of the soil. It comprises a circular load plate, a hydraulic pump and a pneumatic cylinder.

Why Avantech Engineering Consortium?

Although there are various Static plate load test EV2 suppliers in India Aventech provides the best of all. This Plate load tester guides the user to easily operate it and makes sure that there are no errors.

We are the leading manufacturer of all kinds of construction equipment and cutting systems. We offer hassle-free and smooth delivery and all our products are tested well before selling them to our customers.

Features of the Plate load tester

 The Plate load tester from Avantech is one of its kind, its major features are:

  • Easy to use, reliable, illuminated display to provide a clear view.
  • It contains a thermal printer enclosed in an aluminum case.
  • All kinds of software for the creation of test protocols.
  • Modular design enables flexibility in working.
  • Easy data sharing options.

Benefits of the Avantech Plate load tester

  • Hydraulic Jack: It comes with a hydraulic jack that interacts with the load cell to produce force to calculate the actual force required to be applied in the test. The plate load tester for static & EV2 testing comprises two kinds of plates of 300mm and 200mm. The former is used for soil testing while the latter is used in case a great amount of pressure is required.
  • Data Acquisition System: This plate load tester consists of a DAS that is responsible for converting the voltage signals into displacement readings. After the conversion, it logs the data received for analysis.

Other products by Avantech

Avantech offers of kinds of earthwork and construction equipment including:

  • Diamond core drills: This is one of the best drilling machines for all kinds of construction and roadside works.
  • Nuclear Density Gauge: These are long-lasting gauges that are built using premium quality material.
  • Pavement density tester: This tester is designed to measure the pavement densities without any errors.

Avantech Engineering Consortium Pvt Ltd. is the leading Static Plate load test EV2 supplier that provides top-notch construction equipment all over India. Get in touch to know more about the products and price ranges.