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Ultrasonic P&S Velocity Testing Apparatus & Machines

Concrete quality control and inspection utilize the 58-E4800 UPV tester.

This device monitors the passage duration of ultrasonic pulses through concrete to evaluate new and existing buildings, slabs, columns, walls, fire-damaged sections, precast and prestressed beams, cylinders, and other concrete forms.

Honeycombs, voids, fractures, and other non-homogeneous features in concrete may be detected when used in conjunction with an oscilloscope.

Description of Ultrasonic P&S velocity testing tools.

This lightweight hand-held instrument has a microprocessor integrated with two 54 kHz transducers (sender and receiver), a calibration rod, a coupling agent measuring 250 mm in length, an instruction manual, and a carrying bag. Low and high-frequency transducers may both be utilized with the meter, though. See also: Costumes and accouterments.

Principal Characteristics.

  • Ultrasonic P&S velocity test apparatus are non-destructive concrete homogeneity testing and Dynamic Elastic Modulus determination
  • Compact and streamlined for ease of use
  • Portable and light in weight
  • Powered by a lithium-ion battery
  • Digital screen with a large size a resolution of 128×64 pixels
  • Calibration of electronic devices
  • High value for the money

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