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Gyratory Compactor For Asphalt

You can rely on Avantech Engineering Consortium to provide you with high-quality equipment and support for whatever Avantech Engineering Consortium machine you own.


Asphalt designs and quality control techniques for the asphalt mix are the foundation for smooth and long-lasting asphalt roads. Avantech Engineering Consortium is starting when trying to satisfy the AASHTO standard with the most reliable equipment.

Additionally, Avantech Engineering Consortium supplies a variety of asphalt-related products aimed at quality control, we are a Gyratory compactor supplier, and we also supply different types of equipment like gyratory compactor testing tools, gyratory compactor test equipment, advanced pavement testing equipment, asphalt specimen preparation equipment, asphalt analyses equipment, marshall stability equipment, other equipment. All of Advantech Engineering Consortium’s products are carefully designed, well-engineered, and backed by excellent customer service. Pre- and post-sale servicing is provided by a dedicatedAvantech Engineering Consortium team of technicians and professionals.

Long-Lasting Tools and Equipment

Test equipment manufacturer Avantech Engineering Consortium has served the materials testing the market for more than 40 years. Sales, service, field service technicians, and technical support employees have all contributed to the company’s international renown. The business also offers concrete and aggregate testing systems in addition to asphalt.

Excellent Customer Service

Our Consultancy Division, in addition to providing cutting-edge equipment, also provides civil engineering consulting services to its clients. Condition Monitoring Services (CMS) and Lube Oil Analysis Services (ATES) for critical equipment reliability management and in the healthcare sector, as well as Advanced Technology & Engineering Services (ATES).

Our Consultancy division employs professionals who have substantial domain expertise in their particular areas of interest. By using our extensive instrumentation knowledge and experience, we can give hands-on help toUsing our customers in their specific work areas, allowing them to increase their productivity and efficiency even further while reducing costs.

Customers from a wide range of industries from all across the country have previously benefited from our specialist services.

What's so great about the Avantech Engineering Consortium?

In 1995, the Avantech Engineering Consortium was formed. It has a great market reputation as a result of its extensive 65-year history. This ISO-certified firm designs and manufactures engineering laboratory equipment for clients throughout the globe, including the United States. Because of the company’s essential beliefs, a loyal customer base has grown. When it comes to supplying their customers with accurate and high-quality equipment, they’ve set the bar rather high.