CBR Field Test Set

The CBR field test set is designed for making CBR determinations in the field and is built around a modified H-4156 load frame. CBR field testing can quickly yield a relative strength determination without having to rely on lab tests. Field tests involve forcing a piston into the soil and comparing the depth of penetration in relation to the load placed on the piston. Typically, the reaction load used for field testing is a heavy piece of equipment, such as a loaded dump truck. Gear box is 2-speed model with a 10,000lbf (45kN) capacity and 3.5 inches of lift.



Unlock the Full Potential of Your Field CBR Testing with Avantech’s Comprehensive Field CBR Test Set

Welcome to Avantech, your trusted partner in geotechnical and material testing solutions. We understand the critical role that accurate data plays in your projects, and that’s why we offer the most reliable and efficient Field CBR Test Set in the market. Our top-of-the-line equipment empowers engineers and researchers with precise measurements, ensuring the success of every construction endeavor. Dive into the world of Field CBR testing with Avantech, where accuracy meets innovation.

Headline: Avantech’s Field CBR Test Set – Your Gateway to Precision and Performance

Subheading: Unveiling the Power of Field CBR Testing

When it comes to conducting CBR tests in the field, precision and reliability are paramount. Avantech’s Field CBR Test Set is engineered to meet and exceed your expectations, providing you with the most accurate results in diverse real-world conditions. Our state-of-the-art equipment guarantees optimal performance, allowing you to make informed decisions during the construction process.

Exploring the Components of Avantech’s Field CBR Test Set

At Avantech, we recognize the unique requirements of every project. That’s why our Field CBR Test Set comprises a comprehensive range of components to cater to various testing scenarios. The set includes:

  1. H-4156J: 2-sp. gear box, handle & platen
  2. H-4156SB: Swivel base
  3. H-4454.020: 2200 lbf load ring
  4. H-4454.050: 5500 lbf load ring
  5. H-4152F.1: CBR extension set
  6. H-4152F.2: CBR connector set
  7. H-4158.1: Dial indicator, 1.000″ x 0.001″
  8. H-4152F.8: Steel bridge support, 8 ft.
  9. H-4179F.10: Surcharge weight, 10lb, 10″
  10. H-4179: Slotted surcharge weight, 10lb (x2)
  11. H-4179F.20: Surcharge weight, 20lb, 8.5″ (x2)
  12. H-4470: Magnetic indicator mount
  13. H-4178F.4: Penetration piston, 4″

Why Choose Avantech’s Field CBR Test Set?

  • Precision: Our Field CBR Test Set is meticulously designed to deliver precise and consistent results, ensuring the accuracy of your tests.
  • Durability: Built with high-quality materials, our components are durable and robust, guaranteeing longevity even in challenging field conditions.
  • Flexibility: The extension and connector set provide unparalleled flexibility, accommodating a wide range of height requirements for your testing needs.
  • Reliability: Trust in the reliability of Avantech’s Field CBR Test Set. It is the preferred choice of engineers and researchers globally.

Optimize Your Field CBR Testing Process

Avantech’s Field CBR Test Set is more than just equipment; it’s a solution designed to optimize your testing process. With the seamless integration of components and the flexibility to adapt to various testing conditions, our set empowers you to conduct comprehensive CBR tests with ease.


In the realm of geotechnical testing, accuracy is non-negotiable. Avantech’s Field CBR Test Set is your key to unlocking unparalleled precision and performance in every test. Invest in the future of your projects with Avantech, where innovation meets reliability. For inquiries and orders, contact us today and experience the next level of Field CBR testing excellence. Trust Avantech for results that redefine industry standards. Your success begins with precision, and precision begins with Avantech’s Field CBR Test Set.


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