CORECASE is a portable light weight coring rig for quickly obtaining drilled cores that are accurate in diameter, have straight sides, and are perpendicular to the surface. In addition to determining in-place compressive strength, drilled cores can also be used for the following purposes:

  • Verification of flaws identified by NDT methods such as the s’MASH impulse-response system; the DOCter impact-echo system; and the MIRA and EyeCon pulse-echo systems
  • Preparing a partially drilled core for conducting a pull-off test with BOND-TEST in accordance with BS 1881:207 or ASTM C1583
  • Other laboratory tests such as: rapid chloride penetration using the PROOVE’it system, bulk conductivity using Merlin, air-void parameters using the RapidAir system, or for petrographic analysis



A thin-walled coring barrel with a high-performance diamond bit is attached to a water-cooled drill rig weighing between 1.8 kg and 3.5 kg. The drill rig pushes the drill barrel forward concentrically thereby avoiding bending forces during drilling. A special plastic coupling is used between the electric drill and the coring barrel to reduce vibration of the bit, ensuring a long life for the diamond bit and a smooth core surface. The drill rig is kept securely perpendicular to the surface by adjustable clamps anchored to the surface or by a suction plate. The end result is a quickly drilled core that has a smooth surface, accurate diameter, and drilled perpendicular to the surface. Two versions are available: CORECASE CS-75 for a 75-mm core diameter and CORECASE CEL-100 for a 100-mm core diameter.


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