Electrical Density Gauge

The EDGe consists of two independent units, one for use in the lab and one for field use, which work togeth- er with the use of a Microsoft app to ensure precise and accurate measurements. The EDGe provides a direct correlation between the Proctor test data of a repre- sentative aggregate/soil sample in the lab and read- ings of the same material in the field. The lab unit provides you with the tools to take readings directly from six-inch Proctor molds, while perform- ing standard or modified Proctor tests. The field unit is lightweight and comes with a ruggedized backpack for easy transport and storage. Both units are nucle- ar free, which eliminates the need for radiation safety compliance regimens and transportation restrictions.


Humboldt‘s NEW Electrical Density Gauge Model E (EDGe) is used for determining the density and mois-
ture content of aggregate, soil aggregate compacted type I or II base, or native soil materials that are suitable for shallow foundations, such as secondary roads or base aggregate that is compacted in-place prior to the asphalt or concrete placement at the final grade. The EDGe quality assurance / quality control (QA/QC) system is lightweight, easy to use, and nuclear free.


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