Elite Series, Automated Direct/Residual Shear Apparatus

The Humboldt HM-5760 Direct/residual shear apparatus, utilizes automated, pneumatic loading to apply vertical loads to a soil sample— eliminating the need for loading weights used in dead weight-type systems.


The HM-5760 is a microprocessor-based machine featuring a stepper-motor drive system and a 7″ touch-screen display that allows the operator to control and monitor all test functions. Like all Humboldt Elite series machines, the HM-5760 is built with durable, high-quality components and features the use of a stepper motor, precision gears and gear box to ensure smooth and reliable operation, as well as precise results. The HM-5760 is built around Humboldt‘s integral, 4-channel data logger with touch-screen control, which allows the HM-5760 to be used as a standalone device capable of full test control and data logging. It can also be controlled by a networked computer at any location with access to the network.

In stand-alone mode, the HM-5760 direct shear machine provides a 7″ (178mm) touch-screen controller, giving you finger-tip control of your testing processes, as well as providing real-time, visual views of your data in both tabular and graphic formats. The waterproof, touch screen provide s colorful, at-a-glance monitoring of testing functions without the use of a computer. Operators can see all the data in several formats at the machine while the test is running. Data can then be viewed simultaneously or downloaded later to a computer in the lab, in the next room or at a different location, while also providing report generation capabilities from within Humboldt’s NEXT software or our enhanced HM-5700SW Direct Shear Reporting Software.
When operated from a networked computer the NEXT software provides robust machine and test control, and report generation. It also provides the ability to control and monitor multiple machines from a single computer.

The HM-5760 is supplied complete with a 2,000 lbf (10kN) capacity load cell; 1″ (25.4mm) horizontal strain transducer, and a 0.4″ (10.2mm) vertical strain transducer. Humboldt‘s HM-5700SW NEXT Direct Shear software module is also included. Shear box assemblies and related accessories are not included and should be ordered separately.
Humboldt‘s exclusive, counter-balance device for ASTM D3080 compliance is included with the HM-5760.

Computer Control
NEXT software and the enhanced Direct Shear module, HM-5700SW, is included with the HM-5760 pneumatic direct-shear machine. This software provides robust machine control, data acquisition and report generation for those using a computer to control consolidation testing operations.
In addition, operators have the ability to view and control testing operations from a PC in the lab, in the next room or at a different location, while also providing report generating capabilities using the consolidation test-specific software module.
So, whether you are controlling a single direct-shear machine, controlling multiple machines. or even a complete geotechnical lab, Humboldt‘s NEXT software, in conjunction with Humboldt‘s HM-5760 Direct-shear machine, provides a complete solution for acquisition, recording and presentation of direct-shear testing data in data tabulation and graphic chart formats.

  • Machine control, and data acquisition via a networked computer
  • Provides the ability to use Humboldt‘s Next Software’s, advanced test-specific modules
  • Real-time graphical chart and numerical display of tests via a computer display
  • Effective sampling rate of 50 readings per second
  • Stores unlimited tests with up to 3000 points per test.
  • Up to 255 individual tests can be run simultaneously from a single PC
  • Provides advanced graphing capabilities
  • Provides full-unit customization
  • Reports can also be exported to Excel or a CSV file, if desired, and, we can provide custom integration/export solutions for LIMS, EQuIS, gINT, etc.

Counter-balance device for ASTM D3080 compliance is included. Not available anywhere else. Also available as a retrofit kit. HM-2560A.1


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