GV5 GPR for concrete scanning

Like all Groundvue Ground Probing Radars, Groundvue 5 is user friendly and uses easy to operate dedicated software. Operating depth (measured in travel time) and the distance between samples must be defined accurately. All other parameters can be reset after survey.



Frequency Range

2GHz to 6GHz

Depth Range

Up to 0.5m

Special Features

  • Hand held (dimensions excluding connectors and handles: 240x16x90mm)
  • Lightweight
  • Horn antennas
  • Fully screened
  • Automatic Mapping Programme available (at no extra cost)
  • Controller to unit cable available in longer lengths up to 50m (standard length 6m)
  • Compatible with Groundvue 3. For use at higher speeds, use with the Groundvue 3 controller as 1 or more of a maximum 4 channels.

Data Storage

Direct to solid disk


Extremely high (5mm)


  • A long term data storage system is essential
  • A basic 12V battery charger is required
  • A waterproof Groundvue datalogger is required for data storage and system control


Additional analytical software – the ReflexW package – is also available. Details on request.


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