H-30069.5F Rolling Thin Film Oven, Digital

The Rolling Thin Film Oven (RFTO) is used to measure the effect of heat and air on a moving film of semi-solid asphaltic material and is an indicator of the approximate change in properties during conventional hot-mixing. The results of this treatment are determined from measurements of the asphalt properties before and after the test. Through the use of a programmable, temperature controller and a 4-digit, digital display system, along with a solid-state heater and 200-watt heating element, the oven accurately maintains the specified test temperature of ±1°F at 325°F (±0.5°C at163°C).


The oven also features: double-wall construction; door with double-pane viewing window; symmetrical top and bottom vents; air plenum, and squirrel-cage-type 1725 rpm fan.

The RFTO is available in a standard model with a glass flow meter or with a digital flow meter. Both models are identical other than the meter.

The oven includes a 200 to 14,000 ml/min flow meter, moisture meter, 0 to 100 psi air pressure gauge with regulator, rotating (15rpm) test rack and eight glass specimen jars. Overall dimensions 40″W x 36″H x 26″D (1016 x 3292 x 660mm). A clean, dry compressed air source is required for oven operation.


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