H-3624.5F Flow Table, Motorized with Counter Flow Table, w/Counter

Used to determine the fl ow of hydraulic cement, mortars and cement pastes. A test specimen is molded on the table to a specified volume and shape. Then, with the mold removed, leaving the test specimen on the table. The table is dropped and raised (via a hand crank or optional motor) a specified number of cycles, after which the fl ow (or increase in average diameter of the specimen) is measured.


Motorized fl ow table with 10″ (254mm) dia. cast-bronze table/platen and automatic digital counter. Motor stops automatically once pre-set number of drops is achieved. Includes heavy-duty table/platen assembly, standard
H-3622 cast bronze, 2.75″ top dia. x 2″ high x 4″ bottom dia. cone mold, motor and H-3614B counter. Designed to be mounted to concrete mounting block. Order H-3624F, pedestal form and easily create your own mounting block.

Applications include: compression strength and air content tests of cement mortar; fl ow tests of hydraulic cement mortars; consistency tests of magnesium oxychloride cements; flexural strength test for bond strength or mortar to masonry units.


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