H-4050 Power Earth Drill

Probe Rod, Steel Ideal for locating buried pipes, tanks and util-ity lines. Zinc-plated steel, 36″ (914mm) x 0.5″ (12.7mm) shaft. Probe Rod, Steel H-4188 Ship wt. 8Ibs (2.2kg) Probe Rod, Fiberglass Ideal for locating buried pipes, tanks and util-ity lines. Light, non-conductive fiberglass 48″ (1219mm) x 0.5″ (12.7mm) shaft. Probe Rod, Fiberglass H-4188F Ship wt. 8Ibs (2.2kg).

Power Mechanical Earth Drill For soil sampling, construction and more, earth augers are gasoline powered and portable. Using one operator, they allow fast and easy drilling. They feature snap-on or screw-on augers and extensions. Engine mounted on wheel-base car-rier keeps motor noise and fumes away from the operator. Torque tube eliminates counter torque. Features such as the carrier and torque tube offer greater mobility, beneficial in areas inaccessible to large equipment, on slopes and horizontal drill-ing, various standard sampling methods to obtain material samples. Recoil starter and spring-loaded throttle-in-handle assembly provide fingertip control.



Centrifugal clutch, heavy-duty flexible shaft connects to the motor and provides for a smooth operation. Blades and points are tool steel, hard-surfaced and heat treated. Blades are reversible for longer life. Most augers are snap-on design; smaller diameter augers are screw-on. Auger has either 5HP or 8HP, 4-cycle engine with10:1 gear ratio, complete with wheel kit and torque tube. Order augers and extensions sepa-rately. For augers 1.5″ to 6″ dia., maximum depth is 18′ (38 to 152mm, 5.5m deep). Power Mechanical Earth Drill, 5hp H-4050 Power Mechanical Earth Drill, 8hp H-4051 Ship wt. 2251b (102 kg)
42″Snap-On Augers Description Model 1.5″ (38mm) Snap-On Auger H-4052A.1 2″ (51 mm) Snap-On Auger H-4052A.2 3″ (76mm) Snap-On Auger H-4052A.3 4″ (102mm) Snap-On Auger H-4052A.4 6″ (152mm) Snap-on Extension H-4052A.6
42″ Long augers dig a 36″ deep hole.
36″, Full-flighted Snap-On Extensions
Description 1.5″ (38mm) Snap-On Extension Model H-4053.1 m1 2″ (51 mm) Snap-On Extension H-4053.2 3″ (76mm) Snap-On Extension H-4053.3 4″ (102mm) Snap-On Extension H-4053.4 6″ (152mm) Snap-On Extension H-4053.6
Tube Extensions
36″ Tube extension for 3 to 6″ Augers
18″ Tube extension I for 3 to 6″ Augers

Replacement Points & Blades

Point, Screw-on, 1.5″ (38mm) H-4055.1 H-4055.2 H-4055.3 H-4055 H-4056 H-4057 Point, Screw-on, 2″ (51mm) Point, Screw-on, 3″ (76mm) Point, For 4″ (102mm) and 6″ (152mm) Blades Blade, 4″ (102mm) Blade, 6″ (152mm)
Shelby Tubes ASTM D1587 Shelby tube samplers are thin-walled, hollow steel tubes, which are driven into the ground to extract a relatively undisturbed soil sample for use in lab-oratory tests used to determine density, permea-bility, compressibility and strength. Each tube has one end that is chamfered to form a cutting edge and the upper end includes holes for securing the tube to a drive head. Shelby tubes are useful for collecting soils that are particularly sensitive to sampling disturbance, including fine cohesive soils and clays. The tubes can also be used to transport samples back to the lab as well. Note: Size is OD. All tubes are 16 gauge steel.


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