HA-1635.3F Pressure Aging Vessel

Cooper Research Technology’s New Generation Pressure Aging Vessel uses heated, pressurized air to simulate long term oxidative aging of asphalt binders.

This Pressure Aging Vessel uses a touch-screen controller with front panel user interface for complete control and monitoring of all test processes. The system has an operating pressure range of 2.1 ±0.1mPa and temperature range of 80°—115°C, with resolution of 0.1°C.


This easy-to-use system completes a test in three simple steps: Set the temperature and pressure, Insert specimens, Press the start button. A USB port located on the front of the unit allows the user to easily store test data and upgrade software when necessary..


  • Fastest model on the market to reach target test temperature and maintaining it throughout the test.
  • A platinum RTD device ensures the accurate temperature resolution and uniformity.
  • A pressure relief valve and high- temperature thermal shut-down are included as standard safety features.
  • Thermo Regulation: Proportional control with integral and derivative function
  • External CE certification of the pressure vessel.
  • Spiral wound gasket rather than an O-ring
  • High temperature & pressure
  • Robus
  • No perishing
  • Longer lasting
  • Includes touch-screen controller with front panel user interface with easy -to-use step-through operation
  • Bench top unit with integral vessel/oven design and top opening door

The Pressure Aging Vessel includes a set of ten specimen pans, a precision, anodized aluminum sample holder with lifting handle, and a specimen handling tool. Additional pans can be ordered as necessary. Compressed air with a pressure of at least 350psi (2.4MPa) and a regulator is required and must be user provided.


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