HA-5300A.4F Hamburg Immersion Wheel Tracker

The Hamburg test, or immersion wheel tracking has become an extremely popular test method over the last few years. The Hamburg wheel tracker is built to withstand the demands of the busiest test labs. It is made of high quality stainless steel, uses the standard cantilevered arm system of loading the specimens and produces fully sinusoidal motion.


In the NCHRP report – Hamburg Wheel-Track Test Equipment Requirements and Improvements to AASHTO T 324, the Cox/Cooper Hamburg was clearly the best performing machine. Since then the heaters and water flow have been upgraded, resulting in more rapid heating and improved temperature. A number of Hamburg wheel trackers do not correctly meet current AASHTO requirements and may fall further behind when the norm is updated. The Cox/Cooper machine meets all the requirements of the standards.


  • Full rigid stainless-steel construction made in America for heavy duty
  • The most rugged, precise and accurate Hamburg wheel tracker available
  • True sinusoidal motion from Scotch Yoke drive which is much more durable and accurate than crank arm
  • Measures 220 data points along the wheel path or standard and research analysis
  • Auto arm lift for fully automated test procedure and user safety
  • Mechanical recirculating water bath for accurate control of the water temperature to better than ± 0 9 °F (0 5 °C) upport
  • Two high accuracy transducers with an accuracy better than ±0.03mm, positioned in line with the wheel to ensure accurate measurement of the rut
  • Realtime rut, rut profile, temperature x 3 and speed measurement throughout the test
  • Accurate analysis software to automatically pick the inflection point and analyze the output data
  • Air hood option for dry tests. The only reliable hood option for dry testing on the market with temperature precision across the whole sample of ± 0 x °F (0 7 °C).
  • Built-in timer to start tests automatically
  • Anytime remote access support


  • Specifically written to meet AASHTO and DOT standards
  • Stored test data can be analyzed and compared with other test data in Excel
  • Data storage can adjust up to every cycle
  • Any combination of data points can be analysed
  • Utilities are included for calibration and trouble shooting
  • Includes full software control of arms individually at outset and completion of test, with stainless steel frame, includes full software package, traceable calibration certificate and desk PC to perform testing according to AASHTO T324
  • The user interface can be translated into the user’s preferred language – please inquire


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