HA-5600.4F Overlay Tester

In recent years many mixture design methods have produced materials that are stiffer, leaner and more resistant to rutting, however, such materials are often more susceptible to fatigue and reflection cracking. The Texas Overlay Tester was designed to simulate the expansion and contraction movements that occur in the vicinity of joints or cracks and which result in reflection cracking in overlays.


With the Cox/Cooper Texas Overlay Tester it is possible to characterize both the crack initiation and crack propagation properties of asphalt mixtures. Cox/Cooper have developed the Texas Overlay Tester, which is a dedicated, state-of-the art piece of equipment for carrying out this test.

Automatically calculates critical fracture energy and crack resistance index according to Tex-248-F.


  • Super rigid frame, necessary for true results
  • Outputs ASTM and Texas methods
  • Integral surface-mounted, touch-screen control
  • Intelligently designed specimen gluing and “zero stress” carrying frame
  • Fitted with high performance hydraulic actuator and power-pack
  • Ergonomically designed for easy operation
  • Data downloading via USB and up to 10,000 cycles per test


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