HM-5005SW Marshall Module for Humboldt NEXT Software

Humboldt’s NEXT software is used to control the operation of Humboldt’s testing machines, as well as provide data acquisition and reporting of test data. The software provides a computer-based platform with the ability to configure testing machines and the testing process, specify testing parameters and limits, operate the machine during the testing and provide detailed reports of the data collected in tabular or graphical formats.


Humboldt’s NEXT data acquisition software, in conjunction with compatible Humboldt testing equipment, provides a complete solution for the acquisition, recording and presentation of test data.

The Marshall-specific Module provides these added features to the NEXT software.

  • Marshall-specific setup, which guides you through the process and includes selecting data collection parameters that best fit the Marshall test
  • Input specific project information for each test, such as project name, client information, etc
  • All Marshall-specific initial, intermediate, and final parameters required by ASTM and BS standards are dynamically calculated for you, based on your input of specimen information, such as size, weight, etc
  • Tabulated test data, graphs and all Marshall-specific calculations are provided in real time, allowing you to monitor tests in process
  • Generate Marshall-specific reports that include all graphs and data presented in a project


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