Hydraulic Fracturing System

Designed for a wide range of hydraulic fracturing applications using IPI DuraFRAC

  • Single or Straddle packer system options
  • Standard 1m injection (test) zone – can be designed shorter, if shorter frac intervals
    are required
  • Standard diameters from: 33mm (11/4”) to 216mm (81/2”)
  • Pressures up to 12,000 psi (850 bar)
  • Proppant capable system available
  • Downhole pressure sensors/gauge carrier option Can be run on a setting tool
  • Available in a range of elastomers & steels grades
  • Fixed maximum diameter format available “Top Wiper” to minimize rock particle puncture (Rock Burst Mitigation and Block Caving)
  • Bypass feature to equalise pressure from below bottom packer to above top packer,
    available on 70mm diameter and larger sizes


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