MRT-300, MRT series Resilient Modulus Test Systems

  • Electro-Hydraulic Digital Servo Control
  • Easy to use software for automatic test performance & Data Reduction
  • Meets current AASHTO, SHRP, NCHRP, and ASTM protocols
  • Triaxial cells for specimens from 71 mm (2.8”) to 150 mm (6”)
  • Complete “turn-key” systems


The GCTS Resilient Modulus Testing System is based on the GCTS Cyclic Triaxial Device with closed-loop control of the axial load/displacement and confining pressure. The device complies with the requirements of AASHTO T 307-99, SHRP-P46, ASTM D3999-91, NCHRP 1-28, and ASTM D5311-92 specifications. The GCTS triaxial cell includes electrical feed-through connectors to accommodate internal instrumentation as may be required by future specifications. GCTS is also committed to updating its control software whenever new specifications are published. The GCTS Resilient Modulus Testing System can also be used to perform other dynamic and static tests such as liquefaction, cyclic strength, Stress Path, KoConsolidation, as well as conventional UU, CU, and CD tests.


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