Profoscope+ Rebar Locator

Concrete structures contain reinforcement bars to strengthen the construction. The Profoscope instruments are used to accurately determine the location of rebars and their cover depth beneath the surface. The instruments can also assess the rebar diameter. The Profoscope’s rebar detection function and its capability of separating rebars that are located close to each other are groundbreaking.


Profoscope has a unique real-time rebar-visualization, allowing the contractor to actually “see” the location of the rebar beneath the concrete surface. This is coupled with rebar-proximity indicators and optical and acoustical locating aids. The Profoscope+ has all the features of the classic Profoscope. In addition, the instrument can record measurement data, manually or automatically. This increases testing efficiency on the construction site significantly. The included software tool allows postprocessing or exporting of the collected data


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