RFT-V100 Rock Fracture Toughness Fixture

  • Fixture for determination of fracture toughness of rock specimens
  • High precision LVDTs and clip gauge for deformation measurement
  • Support base and LVDT holders with anodized high-quality aluminum construction
  • Stainless steel loading blocks and rollers
  • Bulls eye level for proper positioning
  • Adjustable base design for specimens up to 100 mm diameter (each size requires separate saddle)
  • Fits in most loading frames
  • Requires signal conditioning and data acquisition unit for the sensors


The GCTS Rock Fracture Toughness fixture (RFT-V100) was designed to test cylindrical specimens under unconfined conditions to determine the fracture toughness of rock materials. The fracture toughness results allow for classification and characterization of intact rock with respect to its resistance to crack propagation. Fracture toughness data can be used in analysis of hydraulic fracturing (fracking) or as an index for rock fragmentation processes such as crushing or tunnel boring.

The RFT-V100 comes with anodized aluminum base with stainless steel loading blocks and rollers. Also included are two high precision LVDTs and a clip gauge for deformation measurement. The aluminum base can be used for specimens up to 100 mm (4 in.) diameter by 254 mm (10 in.) length, while a separate saddle can be accommodated for different size specimens.


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