SSH-100 Simple Shear System

  • Dynamic and static simple shear apparatus capable of applying cyclic loads up to 50 Hz
  • Digital servo control of shear and normal loads or displacements. Also included is servo control of the confining pressure
  • Pressure chamber with external acrylic cell wall capable of 2,000 kPa lateral confining pressure
  • 25 kN normal & shear load capacity
  • Lateral support of top cap to minimize rotation compliance. Sliding base mounted on preloaded linear bearings.
  • Optional internal load cell and deformation sensors with overload protection
  • Software for automatic performance of simple shear tests with real time graphical display
  • Optional ultrasonic platens & unsaturated testing


The Simple Shear system has the capability of servo controlling the shear load actuator, the normal load actuator and the cell and back pressure. Any of the system sensors is capable of providing the feedback signal.

The design of the GCTS Simple Shear System is based on our external cell wall triaxial system. The apparatus has a fixed top and a sliding bottom base mounted on special linear bearings. The system also has a stiff internal support to minimize lateral compliance of the top cap.

One of the main advantages of the GCTS Simple Shear System is that it does not require a reinforced membrane as lateral support is provided via the confining pressure. This means that consolidation can be done at K values other than Ko. The system is capable of testing 100 mm (4 in.).


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