With the development of a dynamic plate load test (Lightweight Deflectometer) for use in a Proctor mould it is possible to determine the characteristics that provide a soil­specific assessment background for the indirect determination of the degree of compaction of soils.

Depending on the water content in the Proctor soil sample, values for load-bearing capacity can be determined for decisions about the suitability of existing mineral aggregate because the deformation modulus for these types of soil is not only dependent on the degree of compaction, but also to a significant extent on the water content.



Based on the classic oedometer test during which a soil sample is loaded over an extended period in a cylindrical vessel, the Proctor test with different water contents can be accompanied by a dynamic plate load test. Depending on the portion of fines, the load-bearing capacity of the material tests collapses close to the Proctor maximum.

This test provides information on the optimal water content during laying and the subsequent compaction of the material used. Also the time the base course needs to reach the required Evd value after compaction can be estimated taking into account the course thickness.


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