ADM-100 Automated Dynamic Modulus System

The GCTS ADM-100 Automated Dynamic Modulus Testing System is the most productive dynamic modulus testing system on the market. With its advanced automation process, a complete Master Curve can be generated for up to six specimens in less than two days.


Inside the GCTS environmental chamber is a rotating table and two non-contact optical micrometer measurement sensors. The table has room for size specimens and rotates automatically, allowing the specimens to be positioned under the loading piston without any input from the operator. In addition, the specimens rotate into the range of the optical micrometer sensors, so measurements can be made without the hassle of moving LVDTs. By including this automatic rotating table, the door to the environmental chamber never needs to be opened, drastically reducing the amount of time needed to perform the test. This also allows the system to perform without any user intervention, so the test can continue to run without the operator in the lab.


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