AMPT-15 Asphalt Mix Performance Tester

  • Temperature Control Range from 0 °C to +60 °C
  • 19 kN Axial Load Capacity
  • 50 mm (± 25 mm) Stroke
  • 250 kPa Confining Pressure Capacity
  • Loading frequency up to 70 Hz
  • Modular Design with Accurate and Easy-to-use Software and Electronics
  • Meets the NCHRP 9-19, 9-29, AASHTO T 378, AASHTO T 342, AASHTO R 84 standards
  • Available Fixtures for Range of Asphalt Tests, including dynamic complex modulus, flow number, flow time, indirect tension, beam flexural fatigue, resilient modulus, direct tension, and more


The AMPT-15 is a servo-hydraulic Asphalt Mixture Performance Tester designed to perform dynamic modulus, flow number and flow time tests as specified by NCHRP, AASHTO and other relevant standards. The AMPT-15 is designed to maximize test efficiency through intuitive design and innovative software.

The tests can be performed at a range of temperatures and frequencies to simulate traffic loading and environmental conditions. The test results are used as design inputs in the mechanistic pavement mix design. The AMPT-15 automatically performs the specified standard tests with minimal user intervention.

GCTS offers a remote test monitoring package, which allows the user to check the status of any test via a smartphone app.


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