Con-Matic Pneumatic Consolidation Machines

Compact and easy-to-use, these pneumatic consolidation load frames are used to estimate the rate and amount of settlement anticipated for a proposed structure. The unit applies loads instantly without impact for stress-controlled consolidation testing; and, maintains the load regardless of sample compression. Its small footprint saves valuable lab counter space while maintaining its versatility by supporting fixed ring, floating ring, or permeability cells.


These machines are available in two models:
HM-5432.3F TSF (120/220V 50/60Hz)
HM-5432M.3F kgf/cm3 (120/220V 50/60Hz)

Features include:

  • Highly-sensitive accuracy in lower load ranges
  • Integral digital readout simplifies checking applied load and setup of predetermined load
  • Adjustable upper cross beam
  • Instantaneous loading without impact
  • Flexible load choice
  • Not sensitive to shock
  • Choice of English or Metric models

The HM-5432‘s digital readout displays applied loads with the help of precision pressure regulators and pressure transducers with a linearity of ±0.1%. The 1″ (25.4mm) thick aluminum platforms have centering pads and accept any consolidation ring up to 4.0″ (100.0mm) in diameter. Stainless steel vertical rods support the cross-head and dial gauge. One HM-001076- Pressure Ball is included with the unit. Air supply tubing (25′) to hook up the compressed air line is also included. The unit features a durable enamel, powder-coated steel cabinet which protects the internal components.

The HM-5432 can be used with a standard mechanical dial gauge setup or, for data acquisition applications, it can be teamed with digital indicators or strain transducers (LSCT) and coupled to one of the Humboldt‘s data loggers. For additional data acquisition capabilities add Humboldt‘s NEXT HM-5100SW Consolidation-specific module and a computer for enhanced data acquisition and report capabilities.

The HM-5432.3F and HM-5432M.3F only include the basic unit, order gauges and cells separately.

Data Acquisition and Control for the HM-5432.3F Pneumatic Consolidation machine can be achieved with the use of one of Humboldt‘s 4-channel data loggers. The touch-screen monitor of the data logger provides test control and live test monitoring in either a stand-alone or computer-controlled configuration.

With the HM-5432.3F, pneumatic loads are controlled by manual valve controls located on the front panel of the consolidation machine. The data logger provides four (4) integral and independent data acquisition channels, which can be utilized in stand-alone configurations or accessed through a LAN-networked computer using Humboldt’s NEXT Basic software

Stand-Alone Test Monitoring
The touch-screen controller provides you with full, graphical monitoring of testing functions in a stand-alone application. The seven-inch, waterproof screen on the Humboldt Data Loggers provides at-a-glance monitoring of testing functions, in a real-time graphical display, without the use of a computer, building upon Humboldt‘s dedication to modular, stand-alone data acquisition.

In a stand-alone application, you will be able to run tests and display results while viewing tabulation, basic x-y graphs and instrument readings in real-time during the test, using user-defined, basic data acquisition. Test data is stored in the device and can be downloaded to a USB drive via the machine’s FRONT USB port or the data can be transferred to a computer via the LAN port.

  • 4-channel data acquisition
  • Hi-res, 7″, waterproof, touch-screen provides total control and real-time graphical display of tests
  • Machine/Test control and data acquisition via touch-screen

Computer Test Monitoring
Humboldt‘s NEXT Basic software can be downloaded from: for use with a Humboldt data logger and computer. This software provides basic data acquisition and report generation for those using a computer for this purpose.
In addition, you can purchase Humboldt‘s HM-5100SW Consolidation module for consolidation test-specific set up and monitoring of the testing function.

  • Data acquisition via a networked computer
  • Provides the ability to use Humboldt’s NEXT Software‘s HM-5100SW consolidation module
  • Real-time graphical chart and numerical display of tests via computer display
  • Effective sampling rate of 50 readings/sec.
  • Stores unlimited tests with up to 3000 points per test.
Sample size: up to 4″ (100mm)
Maximum load: 2200lbf (10kN
Clearance, vertical: 8.25″ (210mm)
Clearance, horizontal: 7.75″ (197mm)
Maximum piston travel: 0.5″ (12.7mm)
Dimensional: 12″ x 12″ x 30″ (305 x 305 x 762mm)
Net weight: 42 lbs (19kg)

System Requirements

AC Supply 110/220VAC 50/60 Hz 5 Amp
Air Supply Clean and dry (air filter, water trap), minimum: 100psi (700kps) continuous air supply 10CFM (0.3m3/min)

Typical HM-5432.3F Consolidation Setup

Conmatic 32 TSF HM-5432.3F
Fixed-ring Consolidation Cell HM-1220.20
5/8″ Pressure Ball HM-001076
Dial Gauge, 05″ x .0001″CC HM-4471CC

Other size consolidation cells are available.

Data acquisition setup for Pneumatic consolidation using analog transducer and MiniLogger

HM-5432.3F ConMatic 32 TSF
HM-1220.20 Fixed ring consolidation cell
HM-2310.04 Strain transducer 0.4″ (10mm)
HM-2310BR Strain transducer bracket
HM-5320.3F MiniLogger 4 channel
analog data acquisition
HM-5100SW HMTS consolidation module

Data acquisition setup for Pneumatic consolidation using digital indicator and MiniLogger

HM-5432.3F ConMatic 32 TSF
HM-1220.20 Fixed ring consolidation cell
HM-4470.10 Digital indicator 1″ x .0001″ (25 x 0.002 mm)
HM-4470C USB data cable
HM-5330.3F MiniLogger 4 channel
digital data acquisition
HM-5100SW HMTS consolidation module


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