EyeCon Dry Pint Contact UPV Tester

EyeCon is a portable hand-held instrument for flaw detection and thickness measurement. It is based on the ultrasonic pitch-catch method and uses an antenna composed of an array of dry point contact (DPC) transducers, which emit shear waves into the concrete. Test results can be displayed as individual A-Scans (reflection amplitude versus time or depth) or as B-scans showing the cross section of the test object along a scan line.



EyeCon can be used for the following applications:

  • Thickness measurement
  • Detection of voids in grouted tendon ducts
  • Detection of poor quality bond in overlays and repairs
  • Detection of delaminations
  • Detection of voids and honeycombing in concrete members


Eye_2EyeCon is based on the ultrasonic pulse-echo method using transmitting and receiving transducers in a “pitch-catch” configuration as illustrated on page 96. EyeCon uses an antenna composed of 24 transducers arranged in a 4 by 6 array as shown to the right. Each transducer is independently spring loaded to conform to surface irregularities. As is shown below, the first three rows of transducers act as transmitters and the other three rows act as receivers. By using the multiple transmitters and receivers, the signalnoise ratio is improved because random reflections from aggregate particles will tend to cancel, while reflections from large concrete-air interfaces will be superimposed


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