MIRA 3D Tomography with pulse-echo

The MIRA Tomographer is a state-of-the-art instrument for creating a three-dimensional (3-D) representation (tomogram) of internal defects that may be present in a concrete element. MIRA is based on the ultrasonic pitch-catch method and uses an antenna composed of an array of dry point contact (DPC) transducers, which emit shear waves into the concrete. The 4 by 12 transducer array is under computer control and the recorded data are analyzed to create a 2-D image of the reflecting interfaces within the cross section below the antenna. The series of 2-D images obtained from a 2- dimensional surface scan of the test object are transferred to a computer with proprietary imaging software. The software assembles the 2-D slices into a complete 3-D image of the test object. The 3-D image can then be manipulated for interpretation of test results.



MIRA has been used successfully for the following applications:

  • Thickness measurement
  • Detection of voids in grouted tendon ducts
  • Detection of poor quality bond in overlays and repairs
  • Detection of delaminations
  • Detection of voids and honeycombing in concrete members
  • Detection of voids behind tunnel linings and below slabs on ground


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