H-4199.5F Soil Grinder

Soil grinders are laboratory tools that are effectively used to reduce agglomerations of caked soil to individual grains with repeatable results. The use of soil grinders saves time and money as compared with the use of mortar and pestle methods.



The simple operation consists of loading the hopper, starting the grinder, and using the gate for manual feed control. Humboldt’s soil grinder prepares samples to a designated particle size with accurate results. The unit includes a No. 10 perforated stainless plate and grinds one-pint samples in just 15 seconds.

The direct drive motor and grinding device is mounted on a sturdy tripod stand, with an in-line switch to control motor operation.

Humboldt soil grinders are available in 120V 60Hz and 220V 50Hz configurations.


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