HC-2845 Sand Content Test Kit

The sand content kit consists of a special 200-mesh sieve, 2.5 inches in diameter, fastened inside a collar upon which a small funnel is fitted on either end. This is used with a 10ml glass measuring tube, graduated to read from 0 to 20% the percentage sand by volume. The collar and funnel are made of polyethylene and the screen is made of brass. A 500ml wash bottle and carrying case are included.


The sand content kit is a simple, accurate and inexpensive sieve analysis apparatus for determining the sand content of drilling muds

Sieve analysis is the preferred method for sand content determination because of the reliability of the test and simplicity of equipment. The volume of sand, including that of void spaces between grains, is usually measured and expressed as a percentage by volume of the drilling fluid.

Sand content is the volume percentage of particles larger than 74 microns. Periodic determination of the sand content in a drilling fluid is desirable. Excessive sand may result in the deposition of a thick filter cake on the wall of the borehole, in turn it may settle in the hole around the tools when circulation is stopped and may cause interference with the successful operation of drilling or when the casing is set. High sand content also causes excessive abrasion of pump parts and pipe connections.


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