HCA-600 Large Scale Dynamic Hollow Cylinder Testing System

  • Dynamic and Static Hollow Cylinder Apparatus capable of applying synchronized loading at frequencies up to 10 Hz (25 Hz single axis maximum frequency).
  • Test large specimens 300 mm Outside Diameter & 150 mm Inside Diameter . Platens for solid 300mm or smaller Diameter specimens also available.
  • 1,000 N-m torque and ± 300 kN axial load capacity.
  • Independent digital servo control of axial load, torque, cell, inner and back pressures.
  • Hydraulic servo controlled.
  • Optional unsaturated soils testing system package.
  • Complete “turn-key” system


The purpose of any soil mechanics apparatus in a laboratory is to duplicate the in-situ conditions. However, none of these apparatus can control the rotation of the principal stress-strain directions. Axis-symmetric triaxial tests cannot model these conditions (principal stresses can only be 0° or 90°) and conventional shear tests rotate the axis associated to the major principal stress but without the possibility of monitoring stress conditions.

Advanced material characterization requires a testing device capable of controlling the rotation of principal stress directions. The GCTS Hollow Cylinder Apparatus (HCA) is capable of imposing three-dimensional stress states, and it can rotate the principal stress directions.


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