HFT-70 Hydraulic Fracturing Tester

  • High-pressure cell with a pressure capacity of 70 MPa (10 ksi)
  • Accommodates specimens with a diameter up to 100 mm and a height of up to two times the diameter
  • Hydraulic balance to induce a hydrostatic stress state or to apply deviatoric stresses up to 140 MPa (20 ksi) of vertical stress
  • 24 feed-though lines for measurement devices
  • 5 Specimen fluid ports and 2 cell fluid ports
  • Cell wall lift mechanism to aid in specimen preparation
  • Available temperature control up to 200°C (332°F)


The GCTS Hydraulic Fracturing Testing System can be used to perform fracture tests, well bore stability tests, and permeability tests with or without a confining pressure. These tests can be performed at various temperatures, as an optional temperature control device can control the temperature up to 200°C (332°F). This makes the Hydraulic Fracturing Testing System ideal for testing a wide variety of in-situ rock conditions.

The system includes a high-pressure triaxial cell that can withstand confining pressures up to 70 MPa (10 ksi) and a hydraulic balance that is used to apply either a hydrostatic stress state or apply a deviator stress in the vertical direction of up to 140 MPa (20 ksi). It contains numerous feed-through lines for electronic measuring equipment and multiple fluid ports.


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