HFT-70 Hydraulic Fracturing Tester | Rock Fracture Test

  • High-pressure cell with a pressure capacity of 70 MPa (10 ksi)
  • Accommodates specimens with a diameter up to 100 mm and a height of up to two times the diameter
  • Hydraulic balance to induce a hydrostatic stress state or to apply deviatoric stresses up to 140 MPa (20 ksi) of vertical stress
  • 24 feed-though lines for measurement devices
  • 5 Specimen fluid ports and 2 cell fluid ports
  • Cell wall lift mechanism to aid in specimen preparation
  • Available temperature control up to 200°C (332°F)


Avantech’s HFT-70 Hydraulic Fracturing Tester: Pioneering Rock Fracture Testing with Precision

In the world of geological exploration and engineering, understanding the behavior of rocks under stress is paramount. That’s where Avantech’s HFT-70 Hydraulic Fracturing Tester comes into play, revolutionizing the way we comprehend rock formations and their responses to external forces. Through meticulous rock fracture test, scientists, engineers, and geologists can gain unparalleled insights into the very fabric of the Earth’s crust, enabling groundbreaking discoveries and enhancing the safety and efficiency of various projects.

Exploring the Depths: What is Rock Fracture Test?

Rock fracture test is a scientific method employed to evaluate the mechanical properties of rocks, especially their resistance to external pressures and stresses. By subjecting rock samples to controlled stress conditions, experts can simulate real-world scenarios, making predictions about the behavior of rocks in different environments. Avantech’s HFT-70 Hydraulic Fracturing Tester offers a cutting-edge solution to conduct these tests with unparalleled precision and reliability.

Avantech’s HFT-70 Hydraulic Fracturing Tester: Unmatched Precision in Rock Fracture Testing

At Avantech, we take pride in our state-of-the-art HFT-70 Hydraulic Fracturing Tester. This sophisticated system empowers geologists and engineers to perform rock fracture test, well bore stability tests, and permeability tests with exceptional accuracy. Designed with cutting-edge technology, this hydraulic fracturing testing system is capable of conducting tests at varying temperatures, thanks to its optional temperature control device that can regulate temperatures up to 200°C (332°F).

Unveiling the Features: What Sets HFT-70 Hydraulic Fracturing Tester Apart?

1. Robust High-Pressure Triaxial Cell: The system incorporates a high-pressure triaxial cell that can withstand confining pressures up to 70 MPa (10 ksi). This robust cell ensures the accurate simulation of real-world conditions, providing reliable data for analysis.

2. Versatile Hydraulic Balance: Avantech’s HFT-70 Hydraulic Fracturing Tester features a hydraulic balance, allowing the application of either a hydrostatic stress state or a deviator stress in the vertical direction of up to 140 MPa (20 ksi). This versatility enables scientists to mimic a wide range of stress scenarios.

3. Advanced Connectivity: The system is equipped with numerous feed-through lines for electronic measuring equipment and multiple fluid ports. This advanced connectivity ensures seamless integration with measuring devices, enhancing the efficiency of data collection and analysis.

4. Temperature Control Device: Avantech’s HFT-70 Hydraulic Fracturing Tester comes with an optional temperature control device, enabling tests at varying temperatures. This feature is invaluable for studying rocks in diverse geological settings, from deep underground to the Earth’s surface.

The Versatility of Rock Fracture Test

Rock fracture tests have diverse applications in various fields:

  • Geological Research: Geologists employ rock fracture test to understand the geological history of an area, deciphering the processes that led to the formation of specific rock types.
  • Engineering Projects: Engineers use rock fracture test to assess the stability of rock formations, ensuring the safety of structures such as dams, tunnels, and foundations.
  • Natural Resource Exploration: In the field of natural resource exploration, rock fracture test aid in locating and extracting valuable resources like oil, gas, and minerals, enhancing the efficiency of mining operations.

Avantech: Your Partner in Scientific Advancements

Avantech is dedicated to empowering the scientific community with cutting-edge tools and technologies. Our HFT-70 Hydraulic Fracturing Tester stands as a testament to our commitment to excellence and innovation. By choosing Avantech, you are investing in precision, reliability, and unparalleled expertise.


In the realm of geological exploration, the power of understanding rock behavior cannot be overstated. Avantech’s HFT-70 Hydraulic Fracturing Tester emerges as the beacon of innovation, illuminating the path to groundbreaking discoveries and engineering marvels. With precision, reliability, and versatility at its core, this system redefines the landscape of rock fracture testing. Dive into the depths of knowledge, explore the uncharted territories of geology, and embark on a transformative journey with Avantech’s HFT-70 Hydraulic Fracturing Tester. Uncover the mysteries of the Earth’s crust and pave the way for a future shaped by scientific ingenuity and technological brilliance.


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