Asphalt Non Nuclear Density Gauge

  • Asphalt pavement density tester PAB is designed for quick non-destructive testing of density, assessment of uniformity and degree of compaction
  • The tester allows spotting of non-compacted road areas and making the most effective road roller tracing in the process of asphalt laying
  • Provides quick quality control and enables accurate cutting of asphalt concrete samples



  • More compact and lighter than its analogs (patented)
  • Uses no nuclear or striking elements, and is instead based on a safe, low-voltage direct current electrical measurement techniques. The density and the temperature of asphalt pavement is proportional to the measured dielectric constant of the material
  • 100% non-destructive testing of road pavements
  • Takes accurate readings in just seconds
  • Comprises built-in pyrometer, automatic compensation of the presence of moisture on asphalt pavements and its thickness selection
  • Two patented models available
  • GPS/GLONASS system which enables position and independent time logging
  • Built-in lithium accumulator of large capacity and charging device for continuous operation and restoration


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