• HMW/HDPE cylinders.
  • Optional cylinder covers available.
  • Various cylinder wall thicknesses designed to help withstand impact by light cars or heavier, high-center-of-gravity vehicles.


REACT 350®II  traffic impact attenuator meets the requirement of clause no. 10.6 of IRC:SP99-2013 and tested in accordance with the NCHRP 350 Test level 3 (100 kmph). The self-restoring Impact Attenuator is designed to take repeated design impacts without any additional recovery procedures and with minimal or no repairs. When impacted from the front, it will absorb energy by compression of six energy absorbing modules moulded from special plastic having self-restoring properties. These energy absorbing modules are securely placed on a hot dip galvanised steel frame anchored to the concrete/ asphalt foundation and restrained by heavy duty wire rope arrangement consisting of heavy galvanized steel wire ropes on each side of the system. 

The Impact Attenuator is crash tested and certified as a re-directive, non-gating crash cushion as per NCHRP-350 Test Level 3

The REACT 350® II crash cushion can be used to shield narrow fixed objects of up to 3′ (914 mm) wide.

The system has shown self-restoring characteristics when impacted within NCHRP Report 350 crash test standards at 62 mph by a 1,808 lb. (820 kg) car, or by a 4,409 lb. (2,000 kg) pick-up truck.*


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