• HMW/HDPE cylinders.
  • Optional cylinder covers available.
  • Various cylinder wall thicknesses designed to help withstand impact by light cars or heavier, high-center-of-gravity vehicles.


The REACT 350® II is a redirective, non-gating crash cushion that consists of 6 High Molecular Weight/High Density Polyethylene (HMW/HDPE) cylinders attached to a steel base track. It is tested to NCHRP Report 350 Test Level 3.

The REACT 350® II crash cushion can be used to shield narrow fixed objects of up to 3′ (914 mm) wide.

The system has shown self-restoring characteristics when impacted within NCHRP Report 350 crash test standards at 62 mph by a 1,808 lb. (820 kg) car, or by a 4,409 lb. (2,000 kg) pick-up truck.*


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